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Browse our Product page and find more information about the used Yanmar, Kubota, Iseki, Mitsubishi and Hinomoto tractors we offer. Choose us for our long experience in the import and sale of used tractors and acquire yours at affordable prices.

Additionally, search through the wide range of tractor implements such as: excavators, cutters & shredders, dung spreading harrows, branch shredders, potato harvesters, agricultural trailers, seeders, rotavators, tractor grader blades, mowers, plows, farm rollers, blades, tractor balers, sprayers and find the one that meets your requirements, regarding the land you own.

Below you can find used tractors and tractor implements from the companies: Paouris, Delmorino, Lipa, ImeG, Cresci and Rotomec, that guarantee the equipment’s durability over the years.


LS Tractors

LS Tractor, Trace from LG TractorLS Mtron is advancing to become a “Global No. 1 Company” in industrialmachinery and high-tech components.For a more convenient and pleasant world, we at LS Mtron areceaselessly promoting changes and innovation guided by our vision tobecome an “Be the ONE* Outstanding People, Best-in-Class Product,Winning Partnership.”
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Used Tractors

High quality used tractors with a 5 year warrantyUsed tractors, fully remanufactured and thoroughly tested, imported from Japan in excellent condition. Highly functional with a 5 year warranty for their proper functioning. They are provided with their rotary tiller, in any part of Greece.
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Tractor Implements

New tractor implements in a wide variety and top qualityFind a wide selection of new tractor implements from the leading manufacturers: Delmorino, Lipa, ImeG, Cresci and Rotomec. Additionally, you can find fully functional tractor implements, exclusively made by Paouris Company.
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Great offers on used tractors and tractor implements Here you will find competitive offers on the products of your interest. Discover exclusive deals on flexible and reliable used tractors & tractor implements and acquire them on a discount. For any agricultural machine you may be interested, please fill out the contact form to get an exclusive offer. Paouris company is always at your disposal for any information regarding the purchase of used tractors and tractor implements. We will be happy to assist you in choosing…

Italian Product

Shredder Delmorino Flipper 186

Reversible flail mower.

Suitable for tractors 35 Hp up to 70 Hp.

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