Fixed rotary tiller Delmorino HRA

Fixed rotary tiller Delmorino HRA

This rotary tiller is suitable for heavy tilling thanks to the strenth and elasticity ofthe components used in its construction.

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TypeTotal working width mWorking width mWeight KgHpHoesPrice
HR – 1601,851,653150+42   4.752,00 €
HR – 1802,11,856650+48   4.965,00 €
HR – 2002,3260450+54   5.339,00 €
HR – 2252,52,2564250+60   5.674,00 €
HR – 2502,752,569050+66   6.102,00 €



Three-point hitch, category 2.Cast iron gearbox 540 rpm,single speed.Chain drive (ASA 100) in oil bath with automatic tensioner.Optional with 6 hoes per flange.Adjustable skids.Adjustable lower arm attachment points.Universal PTO shaft, category 5 with slip clutch.Reinforced three point hitch frame
Del Morino


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Shredder Delmorino Flipper 186Italian Product

Shredder Delmorino Flipper 186

Reversible flail mower.

Suitable for tractors 35 Hp up to 70 Hp.

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